Scott Clinic

October 4, 2016



Hawkes Bay Skin Cancer Centre .

Head and Neck Surgery .

Oral Surgery


Scott Clinic is a purpose built surgical facility specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery which is the treatment of the mouth, face and jaw.  The clinic also has a comprehensive skin cancer management service.

Led by Mr Derek Goodisson, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, the clinic offers oral & maxillofacial surgery such as wisdom teeth extraction, non-wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, management of congenital and acquired facial deformity and the assessment and management of head and neck cancers, including the mouth and tongue.

The skin cancer services are provided by Mr Derek Goodisson and Dr Lloyd Peterson.  Mr Goodisson has a special interest in head & neck skin cancer and offers diagnostic oral & skin biopsy and specialist surgical services for skin cancers including margin control surgery, complex skin repairs, facial reconstruction and scar management.

Dr Peterson is a local General Practitioner with specialised skin cancer management training. He provides comprehensive skin checks utilising dermatoscopy and when indicated total body photography/mole mapping. Dr Peterson performs a range of surgeries from diagnostic biopsy to skin lesion excisions including flap and graft repairs. He also provides non-surgical treatments which can include topical chemotherapy, immunotherapy or cryotherapy.

How to contact us:

Visit:                      509 Southland Road, Hastings

Phone:                 06 974 8150

Fax:                        06 974 8151