The Club offers a mix of informal member led sessions and access to more structured coach led sessions. Different styles will suit different people.

The good thing is Triathlon HB has plenty of knowledge and experience within its ranks. That’s the whole point of being a member of a club, that means a lot more brains to tap into. Feel free to join in, ask questions and try something new.

Triathlon HB own the buoys at Pandora Pond and our volunteers put them in place each season and maintain and clean them over the winter. If you notice any damage or incorrect placement of buoys (e.g they have moved) please let us know.


Training sessions

A great way to keep in touch with what’s going on and finding a training group that suits you is join the our training Facebook pages. In the past this has been open to everyone, but is now open to members only as we were getting hundreds of Facebook likes from people overseas and we need to tighten security on our social media channels.

When you become a member, we will ask if you are interested in training groups and we will get you in touch with the appropriate people.


The same applies to Coaching. We have a number of coaches available and each specialise in different areas.

Regular coaching sessions for all are planned for later this year and if you require specialised one-on-one coaching this can be negotiated with our coaches.

Please note:

All our organised coaching sessions will be led by Triathlon NZ Accredited Coaches.

We strongly encourage those at our training and coaching sessions to welcome and support new members. We didn't win the Grassroots Club of the Year Award 2021 for nothing. The more the merrier in our Club and we are here to help you, and others, reach their full potential, no matter what level they are starting at.