Youth, Adults and Legends

Youth, Adults and Legends

Our membership season aligns with Triathlon NZ's and runs from 1st November - 31st October.

There are many advantages to joining Triathlon HB. 

Reason Number 1. You get to be part of the coolest Club in town. You become part of the Tri HB whanau and will have a whole network of people that will support and encourage you on your journey.

Reason Number 2. By joining Triathlon HB as a member you become entitled to receive online registration discounts at the following events:

  • 3 x Ironkids Triathlon Events (8-13 years olds) Events to be confirmed
  • 5 x Winter Duathlon Series (8+ Years)
  • 5 x East Pier Summer Series (7+ Years)

This means you pay less than non-members. In essence if you plan to do just 2-3 events a year, you have made your membership fee back, so you may as well join!

Reason Number 3. First time members will be sent a membership card which has a unique membership number that you can show to our many sponsors that will offer Tri HB members discounts. Depending on what gear you might buy in a year, you will easily cover the membership cost with the money you save at our sponsors.

Reason Number 4. You will have access to our Training Facebook pages so you can meet up with other members for training rides. You will also have access to our Club coaches and can partake in our joint sessions or get private coaching.

Reason Number 5. You will receive emailed newsletters with our latest happenings, you will be invited to special member-only social events, you will have access to our free mobile phone App that will provide push notifications so you know what is happening in our Club FIRST.

Our membership fees are very reasonable and as we are sure you can appreciate the costs of compliance, traffic management and health and safety protocols have increased dramatically over the past few years.

When you join as a Member you will be asked a number of questions. This is so that we can get to know you better and plan our Club structure to meet your needs.

From 1st November there are different price brackets for those in our Youth Squad (7-19), Adults (20-64) and Seniors (65+).

To join please click the blue text below and follow the online registration process to join as a member from 1st November 2023 - 31 October 2024. You can now Pay your TriNZ fees at the same time 

There is a requirement for each adult member (aged 20 - 64) to volunteer for Tri HB at one event a year as part of your membership. We have a great team of regular volunteers at Tri HB but we also have over 22 events a year that we need help at including several kids only races that regular competitors can opt to volunteer at. We really do appreciate your time!

Tri HB are affiliated members of Triathlon NZ and all our members are required to also join Tri NZ as part of their membership.