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Winter Duathlon Series Haumoana School 

Welcome to the highly anticipated race series set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of scenic Haumoana! Presented by the esteemed Haumoana School, this event marks the beginning of an exhilarating five-race series that promises thrills, challenges, and unforgettable experiences for participants of all ages and abilities throughout 2024.

Nestled in a safe and serene rural environment, the race course offers a picturesque backdrop for athletes to test their mettle. With unwavering support from both the school and the local community, participants can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere as they embark on their journey to personal achievement.

Safety is paramount, and to ensure a secure environment for all involved, comprehensive traffic management measures have been implemented. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the world of duathlons, there's something here for everyone.

The race series features a diverse range of distances to cater to varying preferences and skill levels. From the lightning-fast Duathlon Dash, ideal for beginners aged 7 and above (yes, adults included!), to short, middle, and long-distance challenges suitable for both individuals and teams, the options are plentiful. And for the first time an Indiviual Time Trial to test your self against the clock enter all five events and watch your Times improve 

For those considering participation, please review the minimum age requirements for each distance. However, exceptions can be made with prior arrangements, provided they are communicated to the event organizers via email at events@trihb.kiwi.

As you prepare for the races, don't forget to equip your bike with a working rear light, a vital safety precaution for any on-road cycling segment of the event.

So, gather your gear, rally your friends, and get ready to embark on an adventure like no other in the heart of Haumoana. Join us as we kick off this exciting race series and strive to surpass our personal bests with each thrilling race. See you at the starting line!



Traithlon Hawke Bay     Winter Series 

EventTotal distance Course description Start Time 

Kids Dash                                      5km        1 Km Run / 3km Cycle / 1km Run                         8:15am 

Short Course  Duathlon               11km        2 Km Run / 7 Km Cycle / 2Km Run                            9am 

Middle Course Duathlon              20km        4 Km Run / 14 Km Cycle / 2Km Run                          9am 

Long Course Duathlon                29km         4 Km Run / 21Km Cycle / 4 Km Run9am 

Duathlon Teams as above                                                                                                               9am 

Solo Run                                       2km          2km2km Run                                                             9am 

Solo Run                                       4km          4kmRun 4 Km 1 x 4km course                                  9am 

Solo Run                                      8 Km          8kmRun 8 Km 2 x 4km course                                 9am 

Solo Run                                      12km        12kmRun 12 Km 3x 4km course                               9am 

Individual Time Trial                     14km        14kmCycle 14km (30Sec Gap )                            9:05am

Individual Time Trial                     21km        21kmCycle 21Km (30Sec Gap )                            9:05am

Individual Time Trial                     28km       28kmCycle 28 Km (30Sec Gap )                            9:05am




All registrations are online only and close at 12noon Saturday before the event.






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