As a member of Triathlon Hawke's Bay (Tri HB) you will receive: discounted prices when entering our events online, club news straight to your inbox, access to exclusive sponsor deals, group training sessions, coaching opportunities and mentoring, and the ability to have a say on how the club is run. You can become a member online and it will only take a couple of minutes.

When joining Tri HB you must also become a member of Triathlon New Zealand (TRIBE) who is our affiliated national body. Joining TRIBE means that you are not required to pay one day memberships at any Tri NZ sanctioned or endorsed events e.g. Ironman NZ, Tauranga Half and Challenge Wanaka. You will also receive exclusive member benefits and most importantly help grow the sport in New Zealand.

By joining TRIBE we are able to keep your club membership and race entry fees as low as possible because as an affiliated club we are able to apply for funding. Please click here for the advantages and discounts available of being a TRIBE member and frequently asked questions. Click here to learn about the value of the TRIBE Membership, why it is charged and how the money is used.

For the great advantages of being a Tri HB member click on the category that suits you from our tool bar on the left of this page.

Triathlon Hawke's Bay Membership

To make this process as easy as possible when joining Tri HB we include the Tri NZ membership as part of the process. If you are already a Tri NZ member you will be required to enter your Tri NZ membership number. This will ensure you won't be charged twice by Tri NZ. If you are unsure if you are a Tri NZ member already please click here to check.

The Tri NZ membership fees are as follows:

  • Adult (over 23)   $25
  • Junior (16-23)    $15
  • Youth (U16)       $10
  • Social*               $10

*Social membership is for those who wish to do a couple of club events but not Tri NZ sanctioned or endorsed events.

Important information in regards to events for social and non-members of Tri NZ

Please note if you are social member ($10) or are not a member of Tri NZ additional fees will apply at club events depending on the distance of the event you are competing in. If you are a Tri NZ full member ($25) these additional fees will not apply.

Please find the additional fee breakdown for club events below.

  • Short or sprint distance (including duathlon and aquathon) $5
  • Olympic distance $10
  • Half ironman $20
  • Full ironman $25

Our inclusive membership is as below and is made up of two parts:

         Age Group         All inclusive price          Breakdown

  • Adult (over 23)                 $75        ($50 Tri HB + $25 Tri NZ)
  • Junior (16-23)                  $40        ($25 Tri HB + $15 Tri NZ)
  • Youth  (U16)                    $35        ($25 Tri HB + $10 Tri NZ)
  • Social                              $60        ($50 Tri HB  + $10 Tri NZ)

**Social is joining the club but not competing in events.

We encourage families to join as we believe triathlon is a sport for the whole family. If you are a family, the joining  price is included for 2 adults ($150) but the Tri NZ component will be determined by the age for your children, for example: 2 adults $150 (2 x $75 inclusive memberships) and 2 juniors (2 x $15 Tri NZ membership) would give you a discounted membership for the family of $180.

There is also a 15% discount on TRIBE membership if a family of 6 or more joins Tri NZ.

The $1 + 5% online fee made up of Trident, DPS Merchant Banking and Paymark. This fee is not included in the above pricing.

Both the Tri HB and Tri NZ memberships run from the 1st November to 31st October each year.

Click on the link below to become a member of Tri HB, we look forward to having you part of the Triathlon Hawke's Bay team.

Memberships are valid from 1 November 2020- 31st October 2021