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Facebook Feed

All set up for Ironman NZ. ...

March 7th, 9:44am  ·  

IRONMAN NZ 2015 Competitors From Tri HB/Hawkes Bay. We keep finding more, you can not hide from us lol

Good Luck to all 35 of you.

(Name and Race Numbers)
Cameron Apperley 756
Jo Baker 691
Maria Barnes 913
Stan Barnes 759
Kairon Batt 517
Ann Bondy 1273
Graeme Buske 200
Callum Campbell 532
Mark Crake 544
Jo Eagleton 707
Kathy Eggers 709
Linda Exeter-Grant 1095
Ange Fraser 711
Ewan Fraser 564
Cheri Gallagher 712
Sue Grundy 1100
Grant Harding 1143
Darren Holloway 806
Colin Hutchison 391
Shane Janssen 1002
Michael Johnson 394
Sandra Kappely 1274
Will Kelsey 58
Sherry Majors 1246
Haunui Makea 1024
Mike Mayo 622
Jacinda Mayo 730
Karl McDonald 415
Ralf Moeller 1225
John Moriarty 1226
Andrew O'Carroll 635
Aaron O'Keefe 636
Murray Pimm 645
Karen Taotahi 1206
Andrew West 679

March 6th, 2:48pm  ·  

To all of the inspiring amazing athletes participating in the ironman tomorrow, I wish you all the best!!! ...

March 6th, 8:58am  ·