There are many factors which influence an athlete’s participation and achievement in sport but research shows one of the most influential, particularly with young athletes, is a coach. Indeed, the “first coach” is critical to hooking the child (or beginner adult!) into a sport. First coaches are able to create the psychosocial environment that “hooks” the athlete. For example, many champions go through a ‘romance’ phase early in their careers, meaning that they seem to fall in love with their sport. And this love of the sport is important because without that love most young or beginner athletes are unlikely to continue participating. In short, great coaches help create great sport experiences which athletes want to repeat. A list of Tri NZ accredited coaches is listed below, with many having a link to more information about where they are based, their experience, and their qualifications.

Want to know more about becoming a coach? Triathlon New Zealand have introduced a Foundation Level  to get you going before progressing to Level 1 

Why choose a Tri NZ Accredited Coach?

Tri NZ seeks to provide quality assurance around the services provided by accredited coaches by means of influence and engagement. In practical terms this means that Tri NZ, through its example and communication, provides guidance and support to accredited coaches to help ensure they make good choices about the way they interact with triathletes and each other.

Tri NZ also encourages accredited coaches to act as peer support and mentors where they feel it is appropriate to do so. This is in line with the values of cooperation, collaboration and ownership underpinning the coach development programme. In short, accredited coaches also have a responsibility to ensure their colleagues are acting in ways which enhance the accredited coach qualification.

Lastly, all Tri NZ Accredited Coaches are required to sign an Ethics Form indicating they understand and will adhere to a prescribed set of ethical behaviours. While this is no guarantee against errant or inappropriate behaviour, it does constitute a commitment by accredited coaches to behave in ways which enhance the status of triathlon coaching.

For contact information of coaches please use the form on the contact us page.

Tri NZ Coaching Courses

If you would like to become a Tri NZ accredited coach, go to the TriNZ website for details of upcoming courses.

Club Affiliated Coaches

Ken Maclaren and Ali Hollington (Coaching @ KinEli)

Helping you get to where you want to go.

Another branch of KinEli is our coaching program. We work with individuals to help them achieve their endurance sport and fitness goals on a one to one basis. Whether you want to finish your first mini triathlon, cross the finish line at Ironman New Zealand or take on the world, we can help you get there and have fun along the way.

We aim to blend the challenge of your goals with the realities of your life. We’ll work with you to achieve your aims.

Call Ken Maclaren on 06 844 1780 or e-mail

Hawke’s Bay Coaches

Tri NZ Level 1
Ken Maclaren
Tri NZ Level 1
Ali Hollington
Tri NZ Foundation Coaches
Naomi Fergusson
Tri NZ Foundation Coaches
Karen Toulmin

Karen Toulmin is available for triathlon coaching. Completing her first triathlon season in 2014, she has progressed from amateur triathlete to professional in 4 short years. Highly approachable, she would love to share her pathways to success, knowledge and experience, whilst motivating and inspiring others. Whether is your first triathlon or if you're looking to better your race results, then Karen can help you achieve your goals. Fees apply.

021 02876772