Club Rules

Like any sport there are rules and regulations. These are not there to scare you but rather to ensure there is an even playing field for all involved.

At club level the emphasis is on giving it a go and having lots of fun.  However, as you step up into Triathlon New Zealand (Tri NZ) races which can include national champs, age-group selection race and the Tri NZ .kiwi series you will encounter an increased level of rules and regulations.  To read more about these rules click here.

When taking part in Tri HB events, there are only a few rules you need to remember:

  • Always attend the race briefing before an event to hear what is happening and what you need to know.
  • Always keep left when cycling and the road rules apply at all times.
  • Always be considerate of other athletes when competing. If someone is requiring help try to alert a marshal.
  • Do not wear ipods, mp3 or similar devices with earphones during our events, it is a safety issue.
  • Do not draft behind another cyclists - now this is a hard one to understand. Drafting is the art of following another cyclist staying very close to their back wheel. It gives you an advantage as they do all the work and you can reduce your energy output while being able to keep up with them. Try at all times to stay away from other cyclists and keep some space between you and their back wheel. (Unless you are passing of course). If you see a group of cyclists riding along in a train formation resist the urge to join on the back like a carriage, they are drafting and should know better.
  • If you have to pull out for any reason always go back to the race finish line and tell the time keepers before you leave.
  • When you leave transition you must run or walk your bike until you get to the sign that says 'Mount Bike Here' .
  • When you enter transition always dismount your bike where the sign says 'Dismount Bike Here" and run or walk your bike back to where your bike was racked.
  • Always rack your bike in the same place. Do not drop it on the ground or leave it somewhere new.

Hopefully these rules aren't too scary but they will make a difference to the event if everyone abides by them. Of course the most important rule is:

At all times - have fun!