Club Mentorship

The Club Mentor Program is all about spreading enthusiasm and knowledge. If you want to pick someone's brain for advice on anything from developing a basic training program to how to pick a wetsuit, a mentor is a great way to expand your knowledge.

This is designed as a way that the club can support you, and possibly match you up with someone who can pass on their knowledge and expertise in a informal and relaxed mentoring session.

How this will work is if you fill out the form and Email it to events@trihb.kiwi.

We will then endeavor to match you up with someone from the club who has volunteered to help out in the mentoring program taking into account areas you live in and what you require help with.


We may already have a match for you, or it may take a little to find a match we will endeavor to process and help you out as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to download and complete form if you are looking for help.

If you are an experienced triathlete and would like to be a mentor to other members in our club, please fill the form with your contact details, and an indication of the level of input you would be able to provide, e.g. help with designing a basic training plan, or maybe even one on one coaching.

CLICK HERE to download and complete form if you are willing to help new comers to our club.