Reports and Policies

Annual reports

Here are the past Annual Reports for our Club since 2005.  Please feel free to take a look and see the growth and development the Club has made.  From these reports you will get a feel of what a great sport we have and how much fun we have taking part in it.  Happy Reading

2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report

Tri HB Policies

As you can imagine we have a very busy Committee that works very hard to ensure that our club runs effectively and in a business like manner.  To do this we need to have lots of policies and documents.  We have these policies in place so that when decisions are made the reasons for those decisions are not a secret nor are they done on a random basis.  Much thought and discussion goes into these documents before they are passed.  We would like to ensure that they are also available for everyone to see so they are kept in the picture at all time.  Listed below are the Tri HB Policies we currently have.  Feel free to read them and if you are a member of the club and would like to make comments or suggestions about any of these policies feel free to let us know.

Course Records and rules
Health & Safety
High Performance