Triathlon HB is run by a committee of club members who have a diverse background, and bring an excellent range of skills and knowledge to the organisation. This team includes business people who are very experienced in running businesses and share that knowledge as we run the business of Triathlon and Duathlon in Hawke’s Bay. We try to have a mix of ages, gender and experience so we can get a feel of what everyone may need from our club.

Members of the Committee have designated responsibilities. In addition they provide governance to a full time Development Manager who is responsible for marketing, sponsorship, event management and club development. Supporting this framework, and indeed the sport in Hawke’s Bay, is a big team of volunteers who marshal, time-keep, set courses, provide drink stations and generally bind the whole thing together. Triathlon HB has an excellent volunteer programme in place. Go to our Volunteers page to find out more.

Want to become a committee member or have some questions about what’s involved speak to a current members or contact the GM events@trihb.kiwi

Our AGM is in August each year and if you wish to get nominated for the committee. CLICK HERE for nomination form

General Manager
Bruce Richardson bruce@trihb.kiwi
Will Kelsey
Committee Member
Robin Gorry
Committee Member
Naomi Fergusson
Committee Member
Chris Davidson
Committee Member
George Massingham