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What we do

Triathlon Hawke's Bay is a triathlon and duathlon based club. We are a professionally run organisation that prides itself on supporting the needs of all its members whether they want to simply have a go or achieve to an elite level. We have over 6000 people take part in our events over the course of a year.

The club has been in existence since 1986 and offers triathlon opportunities to the young and old, the fit to the beginner. We pride ourselves in being a family orientated club who welcomes everyone from child to grandparent and we are a social bunch with a shared love of physical activity.

If you have a goal of achieving a triathlon or duathlon but feel that your medical or physical disability may prevent this let us know your needs and which race you would like to have a go at. We will do all that we can, within our power, to ensure your race is successful and fun. We aim to provide events for everyone. Walkers are encouraged to enter, so don't be shy.

Tri NZ Affiliated Club certificate

Club History

Hard to believe but this club has been going since 1986 and it just gets bigger and better every year.  The number of people "having a go" at Triathlon is on the increase and it is one of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand.  We work very hard on keeping up with the trends, keeping our events fresh and exciting even to those who have been competing for years.

Since 1986-2014 we were known as Hawke's Bay Multisports Club, in 2014 it was decided to change the trading name to Triathlon Hawke's Bay to align with what we predominantly do, whilst still remaining Hawke's Bay Multipsorts Club officially in the back ground as not to lose a proud history of our club.

We at Triathlon Hawke's Bay value our heritage and we don't want to forget those people who worked so hard to make the club what it is today.  In 2008 we celebrated 21 years as a club and to acknowledge this milestone we have managed to contact (annoy) many of the original members to get all the details (gossip) and collate a history.  To have a look at this history just click this link for a pdf copy.  Just think, you too could be part of such a long standing club with such a great history.
Happy reading.

Club History - 21 Years and Still Tri-ing.